California State University Fullerton
Titan Student Union Underground Pub

$1 Admission
Free for Performers and AMA Members
Featuring guest performances by:

Glass Mask, Dizzie-D, and Esen Jolie
Pizza - $2 per slice

AMA's Street Team presents Pub Night at CSUF. Come out for a spontaneous night of live music and art. Support your fellow AMA Members, CSUF colleagues, and friends at this Open Mic event. The stage will be open to the public. If you have friends looking for a stage - or you yourself are a performer - this is the perfect opportunity to share a good time with friends and network with young professionals. 

We are collaborating with two local music businesses, Soulful By Nature and CWM. We will have guest performances and food.

AMA Pub Night is sponsored by Soulful By Nature and CWM