• Bolsa Chica Beach (map)

A big part of networking is strong communication skills, which come from being comfortable in any environment talking to people from all walks of life. The Cal State Fullerton American Marketing Association is proud to present our first beach day event. From 9AM to noon, come out to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands to help your community with a good old fashion beach cleanup. There will also be employees from Aon Hewitt, a conglomerate HR company, the Surfriders foundation, and local schools. So grab your friends, and lets take advantage of this Saturday's cool California beach weather!

Make sure your group is prepared before coming to the wetlands! Please have them:

· Bring water for the visit.

· Wear closed-toed shoes, they are absolutely required to ensure safety.

· Wear layered clothing/jackets. Weather changes quickly at the wetlands and can go from cool and foggy to hot and sunny within an hour.  

· Sunscreen/Hats/Sunglasses - protection from the sun and harmful UV rays is important.

· Bug Repellent - mosquitoes can be found here at the wetlands, so bringing insect repellent is advised. We will have some provided but it will be a limited supply.