Carmen Pham - September 2016

"I was talking to Crisol (Director of Special Events) last semester, and she told me about how much she enjoyed being in AMA. I also wanted to learn more about marketing and meet more people with the same major, so I decided to join this semester. My favorite part about AMA is the people I've met during general meetings and committee meetings. Everyone is so friendly and the committees really help new members like me get more involved. After graduation, my goals are to travel and work for an advertising agency."

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Maygee Mo - February 2016

"AMA has been one of the best decision I've made during my career in CSUF. I love it because they throw great events, brings in great speakers, and most of all, the members of AMA are the brightest and most hardworking individuals I've ever met."

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Kevin Ha - December 2015

"I love AMA for the group of like-minded individuals who aspire for greatness through their passions, which in turn inspires and motivates me to become the best version of myself. I’m a senior and am majoring in Marketing. My hobbies include cooking, eating, skateboarding, exploring new landscapes and traveling undiscovered territories, trespassing on my neighbor’s lawn, and hiking. My dream is to create an online sustainable business that allows me to travel and work anywhere in the world that I want."

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Marianne Tapales - October 2015

"Hi! My name is Marianne Tapales and I am a fifth year, marketing major at CSUF. I enjoy playing volleyball and spending time with friends and family. This is my first semester in AMA and I love everything it stands for. AMA has opened my eyes to discovering various pathways towards success which led me to the opportunity of joining 4 different committees, in doing so I was able to gain hands on experience. My dream is to love my career without feeling like it is work, become successful enough to retire my parents, and one day purchase a boat. I'd like to pass on the knowledge AMA has given me to future AMA members giving them reasons to be thankful for AMA the way I certainly am!" 

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Nick Jakel - January 2016

"My favorite aspect of AMA is the opportunity to meet a diverse group of like-minded students. I’m currently a third-year majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. In my free time I enjoy golf, baseball, hiking, underwater photography, watching the Steelers, Angels and the Anaheim Ducks. My dream is to have a family and own a modest home with a steady job based in Orange County."

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Rachel Herzog - November 2015

"I love AMA because the organization has professional executive leadership and very engaging and insightful presenters. I've learned so much this semester that I didn't know about marketing, and have made some incredible friends. The people in AMA are passionate, ambitious, and super fun to be around."

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Duyminh Bui - September 2015

"I love every aspects about AMA, especially when I can immerse myself in an environment where I can learn from other members and improve my knowledge of marketing. I am a transfer junior student and my major is Marketing. I like to spend a few hours of my day to check the news, new marketing strategies, and learn what's going on in the world. My goal is to be able to help a non-profit organization. I would love to contribute to the great causes and make changes around the world for the better."

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