Our process

research - Strategy - Execution

At the AMA agency, we believe in the process. All successful marketing campaigns start and end the same way. It starts from research that is able to identify an opportunity in the market, followed by a strategy that outlines a marketing plan, and finally execution through a creative and precise campaign that brings the plan to life. 

it starts with research...

Before you create a strategy or execute a campaign, it begins with understanding the industry around you. It's more than finding out what your competitors are doing or what the industry looks like. Research can tell you which consumers are interested in your product, what your consumers want in a product, and the demographics and psychographics of different consumers. Most importantly, research tells you what you are good at, what you are better at than your competitors. With knowledge comes power - and research gives you the power to understand everything that you need to know to create a marketing plan for your business. 

...then comes strategy...

You've done your research. You know what you're strengths are, what your weaknesses are, what the industry looks like, what your competitors are doing, what consumer segments are out there. With this information, we develop a strategy. It's what your product will be. What features will it have? What will it do? How is it different? It's also how you price your product. Are you a going to charge $9.99 or $10.00? Are you going to have monthly payments or is it a one time fee? It's how you distribute your product. Will people buy online? Will they buy in store? Will they have it delivered? And finally, it's how you promote it. How will people learn about the product and interact with it? Most importantly, a marketing strategy looks to answer who the company is. All of these factors and more go into creating a marketing strategy. 

...and Finally, execution.

You've done your research; you've created your strategy. Now it's time to bring it all to life. Execution can make or break a campaign. It doesn't matter how in in-depth your research is or how strong your strategy is. Without execution, it's no more than words on paper. Anyone can make a website, or run a social media page, or print a flyer. The difference between a marketing campaign that works and one that doesn't is knowledge and experience. Our team understands the difference between a promotional campaign and a brand awareness campaign, the nuances of different social media platforms, and the psychological elements of graphic design. This is the difference between execution that fails and execution succeeds.

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