Frito Lay
"Frito-Lay is the largest globally distributed snack food company in the world. Comprising 40 percent of all savory snacks sold in the US and 30 percent outside the US market, Frito-Lay is, without question, a widely recognized brand. Despite their size in the industry, Frito-Lay is a believer in supporting hard effort. Sponsoring our AMA chapter in Fullerton, we were able to host our very first golden state conference that invited all chapters in the Southern California area. This was a huge success and would not be possible without the help of Frito-Lay's generosity and humility when it comes to the students who wish to excel in their field."
- Rick Lee, AMA Member


Orange Label

"Orange Label is one of the leading marketing and advertising agencies in Southern California. With a skilled team of brand developers, market strategists, and design experts, Orange Label knows how to lead a business to success."
"Thanks to Orange Label, several AMA members had the opportunity to network with professionals at the Marketers Networking Gala."  
- Anton Ragan, AMA Member