2022-2023 AMA Board

The American Marketing Association at the California State University, Fullerton chapter (AMA at CSUF) is organized with a board of officers who help maintain the student organization on campus. As the board, our goal is to not only nurture AMA, but also be the living resource for our peers and members as we progress forward with our professional development together. The board is divided in three (3) main departments: Communications, Finance, and Programming. As of the 2022-2023 academic year, AMA at CSUF has 15 officers on the executive team as seen below:


Monique Yun


Lily Gustafsson

Executive Vice President


Renee Browne

Vice President of Communications

Devon Hung

Director of Broadcast

Kyle Pulis

Director of Broadcast

Daniel Black

Director of Design

Diana Rodriguez

Director of Social Media


Eryn Bajado

Vice President of Finance

Jay Song

Director of Fundraising

Makenna Kim

Director of Sponsorship


Christian Feliciano

Vice President of Programming

Ryan Goodman

Director of Internal Affairs

Azurine Chang

Director of Membership

Peter Khayat

Director of Special Events