American Marketing Association

California State University, Fullerton


Welcome to the American Marketing Association at California State University, Fullerton! We are the leading student organization on campus specialized in the marketing field to help students immerse and emerge into the business world onwards to the career of their dreams within the industry of their desires. This is your time to shine and forge your future. 

Discover your passion. Embrace the moment. Seek the resources for personal growth and innovation. 

We are here to guide your experience at CSU Fullerton to get to where you want to be. Like family, let us move forward to a future where we are the marketing leaders of tomorrow.


Stepping into college is a milestone worth a lifetime of memories. The stakes are higher; the competition is tougher, and you’re trying to find your way in a new environment that’s foreign to you.

We are more than just young professionals looking to take the next step towards our careers or members of a club; we are a culmination of individuals with diverse backgrounds who come together in the community to formulate what we know as family. We are students just like you and want to understand what makes you the unique person you are. It is time for us to expand beyond the norms of a college experience and build lifelong relationships - professionally and personally. 

At AMA, you’re more than just a club member, you’re part of something bigger. 

Welcome to the family!

From facilitating our professional speaker events to organizing our fun-filled student networking socials, we encompass a diverse group of leaders who strive to provide the best professional and personal development opportunities for any interested students.

Ready to immerse and emerge? Stay updated on our upcoming events to join us in the fun while also reminiscing to the our memories that we have made together!

Follow us on Instagram @csufama to stay up-to-date with our events and meetings! 

Feeling called to join? You are more than welcome to our family! Seek out for the benefits, resources, and people who can help you grow and achieve to where you want to be in your life.