About Sponsorships

The College of Business and Economics at CSU Fullerton with the American Marketing Association drives the future leaders of Orange County into the next generation of marketers. At this time, AMA subsides with 100 students who are enrolled as members of our student organization. As one of the top-performing organizations at the College of Business and Economics, we strive to continue delivering hard-working, confident graduates ready to work and lead in our communities.

As we are a not-for-profit organization, sponsorships assist with our incurring costs that help make our events and strategy to market our cause strongly and personally to each student's benefit. Some allocations of funds include (though not limited to) promotional supplies, light meals at meetings, workshop goodies, socials, scholarships, and the annual end-of-the-year celebration. Although we are able to effectively budget each expense, we ask that any help from your generosity will be greatly appreciated.


We understand that the expense to sponsorships warrants time, consideration, and resources on behalf of your business. Therefore, we would like to offer as much of fair trade with our time, consideration, and resources to clarify your decision-making progress to prospectively sponsor indicated in the benefits package as follow:

  • HOME PAGE ADVERTISEMENT: ~1000 visitors per month

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: curated posts advertising your content at ~5000 followers across all platforms

  • IMPRESSIONS: each post receives ~2,500 views per occurrence

  • MEETINGS: special recognition with word-of-mouth marketing and advertising with our members at ~100 students

  • BRANDING: your brand will be represented at our tabling/live events as word-of-mouth marketing

  • TALENT: exclusive access to over 70+ creative minds that are passionate about marketing

  • JOB POSTING: fill jobs faster with our private job board, and keep your company running at its peak performance


The following are some ways that sponsorships can occur on our behalf:

  • Monetary donations

  • Store account credit

  • Promotional supplies (fliers, brochures, pens, notebooks, etc.)

  • Food/beverage donations

  • Group activity prizes

Other creative ways to help sponsor are more than welcomed to be offered into the pool of opportunities.

For more information or preferred method of direct contact, please contact Makenna at makenna_kim@csu.fullerton.edu.


Kindly fill out the sponsorship interest form if you are able and willing to partake as our sponsor for the 2022-2023 academic year. We humbly thank you for your time and generosity.