About Membership

AMA’s mission is to develop marketing leaders by creating opportunities for students to immerse themselves with the knowledge, skills, and tools before and after graduation. Becoming a member ought to be an accomplishment worthy of being proud of; it is a symbol of lighting the torch forward into your future with the way you want to shape it. As the sole student organization specializing in marketing on campus, we are here to guide you through the process and enhance your college experience, personally and professionally to your needs and wants.


Of all the business student organizations, how does AMA stand out amongst the crowd as an organization in offering to our membership journey? We advocate that the time you dedicate to us will be worthwhile, similarly to investments made to reap profits. You may find our benefits package below if you are interested to becoming a potential AMA member:

  • PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING EVENTS: each meeting, workshop, and panel will feature at least one (1) industry professional. This is an excellent opportunity to be fearless with your questions and dive deeper to learn about your selected field, occupation, and anticipated lifestyle.

  • LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: consider joining our committees and/or assistants program to gain hands-on, real-world marketing skills that help shape AMA into how it is today! Work with the director of the academic year to hone your leadership skills and implore your own set of ideas to further enhance each student's experience as part of our Mission.

  • SOCIAL: meet, greet, and mingle with the family with activities ranging from bowling, crafts, lunch/dinner outings, and more!

  • RESUME BUILDING: being an active AMA member and allowing yourself to immerse will give yourself the opportunity for growth and emerge into the business world; therefore, it would be a tremendous feat to add AMA to your resume in addition to references from those you have been able to connect from the board

  • CRITICAL THINKING: each meeting will feature at least one (1) group activity that will creatively challenge your thinking, but eventually may become a real-life challenge that you have already prepared for in advance as an AMA member.

  • CASE COMPETITIONS: as a nationally-recognized organization, we encourage creative growth, thinking, and solutions through challenges. Case Competitions are one of the best ways to hone your abilities in sales and marketing while applying a solution to real-life situations

  • WORKSHOPS: whether it's sharpening your resume, honing your interview skills, or updating your LinkedIn profile, we offer in-depth yet crash course materials in our professional development workshops with an expert in that specific trade area

  • COMPANY TOURS: curious to how a work-life balance looks like for an industry professional? Sometimes seeing is believing, so we seek out for company tours that can help give us an inside look into the company or agency and how they carry out their daily routines.


Marketing is applicable to any field, so all majors are welcomed!

No specific GPA, resume, letters, etc. are required to become a member.

Flexible time commitment, but we ask that you dedicate yourself to a comfortable extent to get the most out of AMA.

Open minded!

Ready to learn and have fun!


With respect to our operations, the fees below help us continue our activities on the national level and campus community:

  • National Fee: $29/yr

  • Semester Fee: TBA

  • Academic Year Special: TBA

If costs are factors prohibiting you from joining AMA, we are willing to accommodate your financial needs as best we can.

Ready to Join?

If you feel ready and called to join, feel free to fill out the interest form!

NOTE: membership admission for the 2022-2023 academic year is currently on pause until September 7, 2022. By signing this interest form, you will be opted into our official email newsletter to weekly updates leading up to our (FREE) Fall Semester Kick-off Meeting.